Month: April 2012

The genesis….why I decided to start a bloggy thing



I’m sitting in Cafe Blue in Sovereign Centre, Liguenea,
I’ve been here a couple times before, to meet up with a couple of friends and use their wi-fi while I wait, but never have I been in here for the coffee.
Unlike everyone else I’ve never gotten into the whole caffeine trip…I never acquired the taste of it, thou I’m an avid Perrier sparkling water and Tanqueray Gin drinker (my taste buds have been shocked and tortured into submission) coffee is beyond me…really, really beyond me.
So as I sit in this coffee shop; named so after the birth place and benchmark of Jamaican coffee, drinking tea from ‘Asia’ (I know it’s not but the name suggests such…white lotus tea), Checking my email, skyping my best friend, reading a couple magazines (Citizen NY, computer arts, Blackbook), latest book ( imagine: how creativity works) and thinking….my mind tends not to know when to shut up…which is why I drink, people!
Anyways I was checking out apps to edit some documents I got from work which I promised my boss I would work on over the weekend, and in one of my magazines it hinted to the WordPress app (free), so i figured I could export the text in there then edit it, but of course I have to sign up and create a blog.

So my lazy ass could have just copied and paste the text in notebook, edit from there and move on, instead I now  have a blog.
Now I have to figure out what to put in this blog, because my life isn’t that exciting or interesting, I’m not a “sharer” and quite frankly unu too fass!!

Then I thought what if I share my experiences of home/yaad with Shelly (best friend), sans foreigners’ beaches, manicured bushes, events that would never happen anywhere else, not even new Jamaica (Brooklyn, Bronx, Miami, Toronto…pretty much anywhere Jamaicans gather). She hasn’t been home in years and whenever she feels stressed out she likes to go to Wholefoods in Union Square, NYC and have breakfast…so this could be reminiscent of that experience for when she comes home…soon.
But I figured I’ll get bored of that soon & it might end up being a blog about skenky girls from one of my Friday nights @church (Acropolis), and thou that might not be a bad idea, it wouldn’t be for Shelly sides I don’t do it that often since moving from Kingston.

So I thought about sharing ideas and observations of my environment, I’ve already started an idea bank with a couple bredrins, business ideas and things that would make like easier and make money off, I know it’s the same thing but “nigga got kids to feed!
But who else can I share these ideas with, people who are like minded? What if they make money off my ideas and my kids starve? Then what? Skinny kids are heavy…because you think they must be light…but dead weight kills people everyday…fat women on top should be outlawed!

Ok, how about design tips, my Facebook rants about fat people random societal issues, stupid things women say “I’m feeling so fat today, I can see the grape I had for lunch “, stupid things men do, like passionately watch European football and verbally castrate others who don’t support their team. Music choices? I love me some Res! I’m so stalking her this summer! Party reviews? maybe, but not what people are wearing or who was there and drinking what, more like who actually gave a sh$& about the customers (that paid) experience and gas prices.

Ok so as I write this I’ve made a decision, I’ll write about ALL these things I’ve mentioned…I’ll prolly get 3 visitors, being me, when I sign in from different computers and the posts will prolly be far and few in between and I’ll prolly never open the app ever again, as my interest wanes…(yeah, i get lazy) and as my battery dies, the realization dawns on me…thou its 12noon…I’m writing again…I haven’t written this much in a long while, that hasn’t been a performance review from work or rewriting a poem I did years ago ( another project I’m yet to complete) and I think I’ll continue do so…it will appease the voices in my head and maybe amuse, entertain and inform anyone that dares to read it.



Hello world!

This is my first attempt at blogging….i started it on a wimp.

i hope i can sustain it with interesting info and posts….enjoy!