Words I found

I was looking through some old note books I have collected over the years, as far back as college days.

Random thoughts I flung together at times just to pass time, then there were other times where I was just trying to make sense out of some foreign theories at the time (love, death…), other instances they were words with purpose for creative writing class; this was where I discovered I could write poems, I had an assignment to write 5 different poems and I guess it didn’t stop after that.

Anyways, since finding these books, I’ve been trying to make digital copies of these works of meditations.

These are just a few, let me know what you all think and I might put the rest, now remember I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit 🙂

My second heart

I’m in love with the idea of being in love, holding someone dear to your hea, close to your….well heart.
So she can feel and hear our hearts…one, two, one, one, two…no, one…one, two…no one, two, one, two…beating as one. It took awhile, took some practice
I was reluctant…you became resistant, my heart stopped beating for a while and here you are again to jump-start my it, shocked to feel…
suddenly I can feel everything around me…now. My empty bed, my complacent attitude, my elusive mannerism, my annoyance of happy things…
I was so sad before you…mad at the world for not embracing my shell, cupping it, holding it to their ears and hear the empty bellow of wind over a dried up seas…not wanting to show me…how good it is…how it should be….you should be there…already loving me…?


Sugar so sweet, it melts from the heat of your voice, sizzling sweetly as it wafers off, like a home cooked meal you can smell for miles, you can close your eyes and walk with your nose leading you the entire way…
Alert, your presence magnifies the emotions I’ve felt from you, i licked clean my plate, are you the festering burns from previous encounters, smoothly evaporated are the scars of yours and mine?
Kiss me and melt my lips, i feel the heat rushing through my body, boiling my blood, rushing up so my heart blows like a kettle…
Pleasure pain, but my heart beats still, exhausted from the emotions pulling to its lever, floating like spring butterflies, fluttering with excitement, the aftermath of bliss…

Sorry I have to go now, she’s waking up…I can feel her body whispering of cold as it stirs, i have to warm her bones…
I have to save her from that vulture circling wanting to pick her flesh…so fly away now sweet song bird…bellow the melodious tones of peace and satisfaction
tell them…tell them….i’m in love.


Turned…is my mood, like destined to rot fruit, that bears abundantly on a lonely poisoned tree, fruits only purpose is to stain the earth they smash into, breaking the silence of the forest that no one hears…
Only evidence is left is that stench of purpose (misused)
once shining brightly, up high on its pedestal branch of honor, for all to bear witness of the beauty and hope of satisfying hunger.

Thy fallen lost souls closer to its destined cycle…

A whisper heard from miles
are from songs sweetly echoed
as your footsteps appear slowly…

Tones waffles off and covers a soul like petals
Rippling a calm pond, drop by drop
Echoes pronounced, sweet songs and melodious purpose
An impression has been left and expressively so…

I have never heard your song, but felt your tune
Never had your melody mixed with sounds and tones tickle my eardrums
Carrying me off to feel your emotional passion…
But I have glimpse your soul, hinted tunes, happy birthdays,
passing verses, Sweet and low…with promise waiting to burst forth,
Smoothly develop and grow for your voice
is what will make them massage sweeter.

I’m not sure why hurting is my favorite pass time of late
As my heart falls loosely from grasps…fumbling to stop his agitated jerk…
For a snuggle resting place

Have you ever been burnt
But every time you look at your scar, euphoria fills you
The song you wrote for her blast out of every speaker, lifts you and spin you like a whirlwind

Does it matter what I write at this point…
It won’t heal…
It’s open now so it’s easy to dig deep in it and pull out what’s clinching tight to any piece of flesh…I know if I pull too hard it will hurt like hell, to the point of defining the true meaning of pain

Smiling bright

You make me smile,

A bright illuminating smile that starts from my heart….

Bright like the moon guiding the seas to slowly kiss and caress the sea, and eternal ebb and flow, a slow dance filled with passion and tenderness…one of two lovers…lovers of life…lovers of the true human spirit….lovers of the truth…lovers of ….Love

Struggling hard to hold on to that fleeting spirit, a dancing light, you know the one you get a glimpse of on a dark night deep in the forest, wiggling, swaying, spinning without any real direction, but it draws you, it excites you, it guides you….

You’re fascinated with this fleeting light…one that’s always been there….until everything got covered by the darkness, that slowly took over your world as they try to steal your light, take it for themselves, hoarding it’s brilliance to light up anyone just by being next to you…

Your precious light, soul warming a beacon in hope, in a selfish hate filled world, guide me to you…wondering in the darkness as I hid my light from the undeserving world…looking for a partner…to bring my candle light to a blaze…the cool blue flame mixing with the red passion of you… Our shared passion…Our shared burning…bringing each other to a boil…cleansing away the darkness…the cold harsh nothingness…heavy, cold and bitter…where it hurts when you widen your grin….like crows at either corners, sinking their claws & parting with it being too cold for the blood to flow…forms permanent joker scars…

Your light warmed my heart…confidently setting a blaze to inner fight, that engulfs every aspect of my being…my arms can move again…warm enough to wrap around you in a worthy embrace…my legs have melted…to a sprint to your light as a beckon…my eyes have illuminated and determine with every sight of you…my libs melted by your kiss…soft gentle and yearning, filled with the passion I feel for you…

The thought of what you mean to me and how you return my light to me and the warmth we emit from each other towards….why…

You make me smile


One thought on “Words I found

  1. Think My Second Heart is my fav 🙂
    been there … nasty lil ending ..but I got over it … now I’m in love with the idea of being in love … but not loving it enough to want to be in love… if that makes any sense!

    You Make Me Smile is lovely too!

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