What’s on my iPod??

So today features a bunch of albums that I listen to straight through, no skipping.

Naturally they are song that go on repeat and threepeat if you will.

Depending on my mood which normally follows me throughout the day unless someone/thing screws it up…

I feel for some smooth thumping beats and I can’t miss with these gems:

Res – How I Do and Black•Girls•Rock!, The Roots – How I got over and Undun and Lupe Fiasco – Lasers and The Cool.

Now, I discovered Res when she was signed to MCA back in 2001 when MTV/VH1 used to play music videos, this was her debut and the video was “They-Say Vision“, this was also the start of the Neo-Soul movement that produce Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, India Arie etc.

I was all over the place looking for it, I bought 5 albums that day, but over the next couple months I only listen to Res.

She was more than Neo-Soul or R&B, she was a breath…a deep breath…a mix of r&b, neo-soul and rock, and her voice further softer the hard sharp base and guitar riffs, and they all blend perfectly to create a new sound which was hard to categorize her but couldn’t be ignored that she’d be denied a deal.

The lyrics were the main driver of my adoration for her soul…her music.

Songs like : They Say-Vision – “I wanna try that pill that people take, Make you believe all the things that people say ”

Ice King – “…Like a fallen star in Babylon, You said I was your princess baby, I told you certain things you can’t possess, So let me go let me go…”

and my favorite, I could listen to this over and over…and a couple more times to make sure it sinks in…..

Tsunami – “Ride, ride this wave of mine, There are brighter things out on the other side

Ride, ride this wave of mine, I know that things are going to be all right.”

If you just got out of a break up or had a rough day, just put this song on grab some ice cream, a glass of your favorite wine or gin (not all at once thou…greedy) and just mellow out, this song will cradle you and take you on a journey and back, lay you down gently and just waver off…with Res’ sweet voice lingering your ear.

It’s the last song on the album, what i like to call acoustic soul, it has the sweet strumming of the guitar with just enough bass to ground it.

Her other album Black•Girls•Rock! has a more define robust sound with more song writing gold, “By myself”, “For Who You Are” and “Not a Pretender” are a couple of my favorites songs. This album was released digitally via iTunes and her website, but now it’s not available, but you could get the free download here.

but if you want to hear more from her, there is the IdleWarship – Habits of the Heart album that she and Talib Kweli collaborated on, that’s available on iTunes.

I’ve said this over and over, I plan to stalk her this summer, I want to see her live on stage!
Every time I’m in new york, I never get to see her perform and I might miss her again because she doesn’t have any schedule performance while I’ll be there. 😦

The Roots, who doesn’t love the roots??…seriously who doesn’t?

Not your ordinary hip hop band…well first and only they are a Band!

Questlove one of the best producers and musician of our time, Black Thought, one of the best lyricist in the game, he should be in everybody’s top 5 rappers list,

How i Got Over – “Walk Alone” …soundtrack of my life (3peat!), “The Day” and the title Song…”How i Got Over”

Undun, their latest album; this album is like a hip hop symphony – “Sleep“, “Stomp” and “I Remember

Lupe Fiasco is lyrically iconic, metaphors flow into each other like using tai chi to form musical Feng shui.

the subject matter throughout both albums varies around social issues, hints on political, life’s struggles and the troubles in the music industry for the artist and their motivations as well as how they handle fame.

Intruder Alert” a melodic love song of trust, drugs and family –

“…She said that there was no love in her heart, Cause one day a rapist attacked her and broke that all apart, She said there was no way to fix it….Knew that it was right cause something was wrong, The alarms in her mind didn’t tell her he didn’t belong”

Fighters“, “Put you on Game” and timeless rap ode that speaks of evil (the Game) in this world and the ways it guides and affects peoples lives.

“…I am the American dream, The rape of Africa, The undying machine, The overpriced medicine, The murderous regime, The tough guy’s front, And the one behind the scenes…”

Lasers – more of the lyrical wizardry but this one has a more UK techno dance feel which Lupe raps blends not always smoothly but it works favorite songs “Words i Never said …Complain about the gloom but when’d you pick a broom up?, Just listening to Pac aint gone make it stop, A rebel in your thoughts, aint gon make it halt, If you don’t become an actor you’ll never be a factor, Pills with million side effects, Take em when the pains felt,

Shining down” and “All Black Everything

This will get me thru my day, a soundtrack to keep me mellow, positive and conscious.

I highly recommend y’all check these guys out, they aren’t “main stream”, with raw talent and love for their craft and they have something to say…all you have to do is listen….

And buy Res’ Albums and see her concerts tell her hi for me (shit, i didn’t mention how sexy she is…y’all can tell her that too), she’s been Indie for the past 10 years and still doing her music.


3 thoughts on “What’s on my iPod??

  1. *Timidly starts to type* Can’t say I’ve ever heard of Res or any of these songs *crawls back under rock* but she does have a nice flow! Reminds me a lil of Jill Scott as you had mentioned. Tsunami is nicee! 🙂

    Off to go listen to all these new songs!

    1. Not a lot of people heard of her ma’am, as I said she isn’t mainstream but a great talented artist…and my plan is to get more people expose to her….I have a couple more people you prolly never heard of… 🙂 I’m just saying…

      1. Kool Kool! Well I don’t have a fav artiste per say but I do know that feeling of playing a song over and over cause it speaks to me! Looking forward to hearing more on yer ipod!

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