Bitching!!! Seriously….?


So watching the Olympic games in the past couple of weeks has been a series of screams, missed deadline, excitement, heated arguments, resurrected bitter athletes that run their mouths more they could run a race now, bandwagonist, goat-mouthing, panic attacks, diaper rashes and momentary patriotism!

From the smallest tiniest thing to an outright riot of words…very colorful words, expressions and hand gestures….every bit of emotion has been dispelled in joy, hurt and anger.

My first observation of it was directed towards CVM. Where the signal chipped out from the broadcast for a millisecond, not even during a pivotal moment of the games but during a commercial and the words that were being flung at the TV in a chorus….
” a wey the…yo gi back TVJ dem what’s its not rights…wey dem f$&; idiot come from man, cho…” And this happens all the time even when it fades to black for said commercial.
Now mark you, maybe this happens all the time because I don’t watch TV I should just shut my what’s its not mouth cause TVJ is the best!
But not withstanding that a stream of pictures are taken transferred to 0s 1s, carried to whoever has all the rights up there in farin to show shit, they in turn shoot it up to space to a patiently waiting satellite in between all it floating and general not doing shit else with its $500 trillion self, shoots it back to our local equivalent of over worked monkeys running a circus (Circus Van Monkeys) and then it is broadcasted to the general public hopefully without one of the monkeys with the gift of speech not talk over it, to all 500 million of unu and y’all can’t miss 1 millisecond?

Next, the Athletes running in a heats to qualify for the final race for a medal in front of millions of people in the stadium and the other 501 million of unu (2 more of unu must born but the time mi finish this line, I know I said 2 but 1 died and had to be replaced) and the other millions of people watching all over the world, and your bile filled and wounded comment is,
“Why him haffi slow down at the finish line? Look how him mek them almost pass him? What a wukless bwoy, hope him drop pon him face next time and the $500,000 watch broke n stab him inna him foot!”
Seriously??? (OK maybe I added the last bit but in knew y’all were thinking it).

But unu not thinking that maybe he’s tired and the race has finished, He can finally relax for a bit, he did his best after all He’s been running and training for a month or so now, …Not that this is a heats/warm up and I will not kill out myself, so I can put the bit I held on to here into that race being my first time on this stage at this level, …not that it’s just running and I’m enjoying my right and freedom to do so…why would any of that matters when you are playing with people sitting on their asses million miles away watching at home/work/random tv emotions???

Third, why are these reporters looking to always talk some shit? Why are you talking to old bitter men, that had their time and need to just enjoy that they had a part in bring the sport to this level? Someone wanted to beat you that bad…not because they thought u were the bestess ever….but only to shut you the &$; up…they took every drugs they could find….and got caught!
Like with most interaction with “grandpa” eventually he’ll talk until he falls asleep or people stop listening to “Shit grandpa says” when dementia kicks in…Next!!!

Now seriously, you can say, a so the 510 million a unu tan it’s part of our culture like chicken back and white rice with butter (national dish), slack irresponsible dance hall music that everybody not in my crew fighting ‘gainst, tribalized politics….(hmm the best kind) and blatant corruption, the new norm.
Never mind that recently you had to watch the games from whatever community T.V. you could find even thou you hate the owners or if JPS decide say them gonna fall asleep on the job and blackout half of JA with not explanation the next day or if you are not fortunate enough to have a dish or recently cable, its 7 o’clock before you hear what happened.
You could say that if people never cuss they wouldn’t have made sure the feed gets better.
You could also say its all the passion, pride and expressive love we Jamaicans have.
You can say all that but it still means unu need to be more appreciative of how better things have gotten and the hard work that goes into giving you something to bitch about!


One thought on “Bitching!!! Seriously….?

  1. lol no matter how hard one tries, there’s just no pleasing everyone! I’m not that big a sports fan but i’ve caught (coincidentally) a few of the races! I do admire them win or lose because no doubt it takes a whole lot to go out there and perform with the entire world watching you!

    Doubt the cussing will ever end but i do hope more people are appreciative of the work done by the athletes n don’t bash them for openly celebrating and ‘showing off’ they’ve put in the time and sure enough deserve to do whatever they want!

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