Perception vs Perspective

I’ve been doing some thinking, I tend to do a lot of that of late….hmmmm….
Yeah, so recent experiences have put these two words in my head….Perception vs Perspective.
Now Webster or Oxford, whoever you speak with says:

Perception: is a way of regarding, understanding or interpreting something, a mental impression.

While Perspective: is a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something.

Now it’s very interesting and not at all surprising how I came to compare these two words together other than they both start with the letter P.
It has to do with the male and female interaction or female and male interactions…depending on how you look at it…

Now I think women tend to use perception more in how they make decisions and related to matters of the heart, eg. “It doesn’t look good for a married man to be hanging out every Friday night with the same women he used to before he was married”. So even thou you used to join him at said bar every now and then, he’s not alone with these women, his boys are there and he choose to marry you.
How it is seen becomes more important? That’s what she said…

So the war start….

But you (women) work with a few guys that are sweet on you and you are still friends with you ex from grade school, thou he never got over the break up…and wants you back every third Friday, depending on his mood.

The perspective is that you choose me, you are with me for the simple reason that you want to (ok that’s only one reason but this is the one we are addressing now), and I trust you even thou I don’t trust them, I’m not going to try and stop you from those social interactions.
I don’t care how it’s being seen…I care about what is!
A wise man told me it doesn’t become an issues until you make it an issue and when that happens….

Then war starts….

So I ask this, what’s more important? How it looks on the outside or how you look at it?
How you understand it or how you know it to be?

The argument could be said that it’s a logic versus emotions argument but that is also another way of looking at it.

But with everything, all facts should be taken into account before any decision is made no matter how you think about it…

Can I have you perception or perspective on this….?


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