Month: August 2014

Is there a middle…class out there?

Middle class – what is it?
What does it mean in different societies?
How does one define the status, position or situation?
Who would be in this “privilege” position…?
Or is it just a stop on the way to higher society, the upper class if you will…

Now these are questions that ran across my feeble little mind while in sitting here waiting on my Tanquery mixed with orange juice and a dash of angostura bitters because I don’t have the full understanding of this dynamic or I just never thought about it in any context other than an unspoken understanding
“My ambition to go further with the need to not end up @ the bottom of the barrel”, if you will…

To get a further understanding or merely people’s understanding, I must ask these questions…

Who are you middle class citizens?
What are your contributions?
So, do you feel your worth or appreciated/celebrated for your roles?
Does any one even recognize if and when they are middle class citizen?
For the lower class it’s all about survival and drive, is it the same for the middle?
Or is it about maintenance and support? The pillars of the society if u will…

Now how do I gather this information, I mean it’s not a trending topic, Should I post that this was in the black box of that missing plane or attach it to whatever society mind numbing event that’s going on?
so more people pay attention and actually answer my questions, offer me some feedback, spur on noted discussion.
Where I can prolly manifest this visually, so everybody can understand?
Trick them to think? (oh shit, I just learned something)

This is actually a project I’ve working on, I want honest feedback and some thoughts, not a brain fart or cliche.

So guys, what are your thoughts, seriously?

Don’t leave me alone with my thoughts, the rabbit hole is deep…