This is a poem I found that I wrote some years ago, I’m not sure exactly when or why I wrote this…but I wanted to share it.

Thrown a back and shoved into your mind, the visions, memories, the acts of hurt, ramming up against the walls of your brain & thrusting you upon the
de-railed demented thoughts that overpowers, then consumes.

Invaded constantly with the ins and outs of a roller coaster ride,
Through abandon emotional bends & turns and forcing you to relinquish your body,
Your precious body they have ravaged,
Torn open your heart to rip out your soul,
Replaced…with visions of cruel intentions and long felt repercussions.

Memories that mimic heart crushing pleasure,
Manifests in your physical scars to show a hint of your emotional amputations,
Cutting off all feelings of happiness, joy & self-worth.

Worthy of redress you take cover fully in the blame,
the what ifs & the whys
“Why me?”,
“If I had only adorned myself in a black thick robe shielding all hint of sensual-feminity…”

“If I?, If I?, If I…”
But you are.
You are a woman of pure power & light which makes it impossible to eclipse your being,
But being subjected to a ruthless and callous invasion that slowly erodes your soul.

Mangled into pieces,
immortally leaves you shivering in a fetal position,
Begging for total protection.
Invaded, polluted & constantly jaded
Your mind is fucked.

Destroy & Rebuild,
Reclaim & Ensure,
That your chosen path of life is to be completed.



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