I need a date…nye

I need a date…
One that’s dances…without an agenda
One that drinks…without the adage…

“You want to get me drunk and take advantage of me” 

I’m not logging around a puking human being destined to ruin my night and be filled with regret and not taking responsibility for their own actions.

One that enjoys the moment…not constantly try’s to document every step of it creating an alternative moment that affects a connection we would share (and possibly people around us) 

I’m looking to date someone that dress for the occasion but comfortable enough to not stay frozen in pretentious image. 

I need to date a flexible girl…if the vibes at one spot isn’t right have problem going to another less travelled unfamiliar spot…willing to start an adventure with me. 

I want a date that glides…when she walks…smoothly across a dance floor not always turning her ass to me for the gyration ritual…a one…a two…a one, two step…without instructions.

Ladies have you been dated or do you date? 
I’m willing to play my part if you’re willing to participate…I will date you…if you date me too. 


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