Art found at the Floating gallery on Frenchmen St., New Orleans
What happens when your whole life becomes filled with distractions?
When you are not sensitive to our human instincts, losing touch with what makes us different from the animals we scorn.

Giving away our choices for social norms and a less challenged path, touting peace of mind or is it complacency?

Ethics, sense of community, companionship, love with a sense of wonderment, different ways of learning and stimulations.

Where are we?

Where are we going?

Do we want to go anywhere anymore, as a group?


It seems all we want to do is escape…

Just being somewhere else physically, hoping it will change our mindset or situations

Forcing us to grow,



Yes focus,

Find whatever is important to us and stick with that.

After all, we’ve escaped everything else.

But will that urge ever be filled?

Will it be quenched?

Solely because we are doing nothing to satisfy it?
I’ve been guilty of this, wanting more but not know how to get it.

Not even knowing what it was that I wanted but rather what I didn’t want.

Allowing to that to guide me, the anywhere but here strategy.
I’ve accepted or recognized the need as a starting point and how it can manifest itself in my uncomfortableness with walls physical and otherwise.


Having four people of more around me…

Sitting at my work desk with the phone ringing, emails pinging, a glass window with the shades drawn and a clients standing behind me…yapping.

A document window open at the “fit in window” option selected where you can see the borders of the program.

Everywhere I was boxed in…I thought at the time.

Until I choose to look up.

I changed my perspective.

I found a way out

Being in the situation, I learned to see it before it happened and stopped it or just got out.


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