About me…I’m a graphic designer from Kingston, Jamaica.
I don’t fancy myself to be a journalist…as most bloggers think they are…but I observe things, I can compose a few sentences without sounding like a complete idiot, Oh and I have opinions…a lot of them.

I don’t seek out funny experience but they happen and there are some words of wisdom that lurk in the back of my mind….so I decided to share them.

Or make my mind thinks its the best thing since the discovery of music and all who hear it’s wisdom be awed…I figured I’d torture someone else since my mind does it to me everyday…and I tend to ramble a bit, too many things trying to get out I guess 🙂


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Not sure most bloggers consider themselves journalists although many might lean in that direction. I just started blogging in 2010 because I love writing, and wanted to practice it.

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